Run Faster and More Efficient with A Run Analysis

You run, you train, you have goals, but something is holding you back.


Are you finding it hard to pick up the pace? Are you struggling to beat your best time? Are you hitting a wall before the finish line? There are many factors that come into play here, and without a full run analysis, you’ll continue to struggle.


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re certified in run gait analysis, which means, we’re certified to help you get stronger and faster with better technique and consistency. You’re ready to surpass your goals, and we’re ready to help.

Run better

Improve your running economy, increase your speed, delay fatigue, and decrease chances of injury with our run video analysis.

A run video analysis will look at your running form, flexibility, risk of injury, and provide recommendations on how to improve your form through drills and exercises. Run analysis will be done primarily virtually. Though in the warmer months in NY, we are open to meeting an athlete at the track to grab footage. Virtual run analysis will consist of a movement screen, video footage that will be analyzed with feedback on changes, as well as drills and strength exercises to perform.

Start your run analysis today

Not only have we been providing expert swim analysis for over a decade, but we’re also certified in run gait analysis.

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