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Our mission is to propel busy athletes to the pinnacle of their performance, while enjoying the balance of training, life and the endurance journey.

Our accomplished coaches have years of experience providing athlete-driven, science-based performance coaching and sports nutrition. By providing multiple coaching options designed to work with your desired budget and level of personalization, we’ve helped athletes reach new heights without sacrificing or missing out on the important things in their lives.

Meet the OutFront Coaching Team

Brett Caldwell
Endurance Coach & Tech Guru

I joined the military over 20 years ago, and running has been a constant in my life ever since. 15 years ago, after seeing my father-in-law complete Ironman Lake Placid the day before our wedding, my passion for multisport events was sparked. Within 2 years I’d completed my first Ironman, received my USAT Level 1 coaching certification, and opened a triathlon training center with my wife, Cristina.

I love pushing myself in endurance sports, but get even more joy out of helping others unlock their potential. I look forward to working with athletes that enjoy the process as much as the outcome; athletes who look for ways to get the work done, instead of finding excuses not to.

Brett Caldwell finishing Ironman Chattanooga

As a proud husband and dad of two, I know what it takes to balance being an athlete with everyday life. Whether my clients are working full-time, raising a family, or have other commitments – I help them find a comprehensive training regime that fits their lifestyle and gets them where they want to be.

After my military career ended, I went on to do a BS in Geology. I was certified as a TRX coach as I find it a valuable tool for endurance athletes. I also completed my Ironman U certification. While I started off as a runner, I now love racing both shorter distance running races, in addition to half and full Ironman. I’ve been a coach and mentor through Team RWB (Red, White, and Blue) and you’ll find me trying to take the KOMs around our hilly area in NY.

Female Athlete Riding at the Finger Lakes Triathlon

Cristina Caldwell
Endurance coach & sports nutritionist 

With over 20 years of coaching experience and over 30 years as a competitive swimmer, triathlete and runner, I know what it takes to achieve goals as an athlete. Helping my clients reach the heights they are truly capable of is one of my biggest passions in life. It is second only to my husband, sons, and my running companion Ridgebacks.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many triathletes, runners, and ultra athletes, providing training plans, sports nutrition, and endurance coaching.

I earned both a BS and MS degree in Exercise Physiology and sports nutrition. I hold certifications in triathlon, run and swim coaching. In addition, I’ve worked as a strength coach and cycling instructor. I hold the prestigious 2 year post graduate diploma from the International Olympic Committee in exercise physiology and sports nutrition, and I am a certified Sports Nutritionist with the ISSN. 

I’ve worked with age group athletes up through Olympians and professional triathletes. From first-time Ironman to qualifying for Kona. From first-time marathon, to a BQ. 

I swam Division 1 at Miami University (butterfly). I’ve raced Ironman for over 15 years, and held the honor of being a previous USMS 5k National Open Water Champion. Unfortunately due to a genetic condition that impacts my connective tissue, I can’t be as competitive as I once was. But that doesn’t stop me from giving it my all, and helping my athletes achieve their dream goals. 

I believe it takes these three things to be successful: effort, attitude and consistency. If you’re willing to put forward these three things, I look forward to working with you.


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